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Outreach Ministries International was established in June 2003, as a corporation composed of educators, business owners, financial consultants, licensed counselors, sociologists & ministers. We work globally through schools, nonprofits, and individuals that support our youth.

Our focus is to facilitate young people to discover the power of their purpose and to help save lives. We do that by providing resources, hosting events, and partnering with other youth organizations to teach conflict resolution, anger management, and self worth. We are fighting against youth suicide, homicide, school shootings, and self hatred. We also have a week dedicated to youth to celebrate their potential and promise through innovation, community service, teamwork, and achievement. 

It is our desire to bring a message of hope and encouragement to young people, and we are in need of your support.

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The purpose of OMI is to facilitate youth to discover the power of their purpose and to help save lives.

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Christina Schmitt

Educational Advisor
Board Member

Cecil Bundick

Communications Committee Lead
Committee Lead

Sean Eugene Bradley

Board Member

Fareeha Mohammad

Media Team Lead
Committee Lead

Michelle Wanyana

Board Secretary
Board Member

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A book full of wisdow that will help youth find the right path.