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Outreach Ministries International was established in June 2003, as a corporation composed of educators, business owners, financial consultants, licensed counselors, sociologists & ministers. We work globally through schools, nonprofits, and individuals that support our youth. Our focus at is to provide a solution that helps young people discover challenges with Conflict, Anger, and Self Esteem, with an overall goal of reducing Homicide and Suicide in our youth. OMI is one of the only organizations collecting preliminary data through surveys to find solutions to stop this crisis.

We provide Counseling, Tutoring, and Mentoring. We teach young people how to find their passion and go after it with their whole heart. Through their mind, will, and emotions, they alleviate anxiety, self pity, and depression. Seminars for youth and parents include topics of Anger Management, Budgeting Finances, Nutrition Awareness, Self Control, Job Preparation, & Entrepreneurship.

It is our desire to bring a message of hope and encouragement to young people, and we are in need of your support.

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The purpose of OMI is to instill resiliency skills through education and developing life skills to “at-risk” youth in hopes that they will become productive members of society. To provide opportunities that will focus on the entire mind, body, soul and spirit.

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