Lori Hoff

Lori Hoff


Lori Hoff is the CEO and Founder of OMI (Outreach Ministries Inc) a nonprofit helping at risk youth. OMI is leading the first National Youth Week across the US on June 13th. Hoff was the Board chair for Big Brothers Big Sisters and established a food pantry for the working poor in Middlesex County. She also worked with the State of NJ as a therapist for at-risk youth helping them to stay in school and become productive members of society. Along with her nonprofit work she is also a full-time Manager in the Technology And Engineering space for AT&T in Dallas, Texas and was the National Mentoring officer for Women of AT&T for 4 years. A native of Washington, NJ, Hoff graduated from Calvary Theological with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ministry, and earned a Masters in Child and Adolescent Therapy from Cornerstone University. Contact: lori@nywusa.com

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