Natashia Gerald

Advertising Director

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Natashia Gerald is a 38-year old Program Analyst for the Internal Revenue Service. Throughout her 20 years of dedicated service with the federal government, she has consistently educated internal and external stakeholders regarding policy and procedures while helping customers resolve complex account and tax law issues. 

Ms. Gerald has participated in various outreaches such as Congressional workshops, Tax Alliance Conferences, VITA, and EITC Day and always strives to ensure that taxpayers, partners, and other stakeholders are educated in their tax obligations and embrace voluntary compliance.   She is passionate about empowering others and is always eager to share her knowledge. Natashia enjoys all things family and embraces the daily adventures of raising an active teenager.

She believes in servant-leadership and realizes that the impact of dedicated advocacy is tremendous; therefore, advocacy is the thread that permeates all areas of her life. Natashia continues to advocate and be a voice for the people of the Greater Dallas Area as she serves in various leadership roles within the city of Dallas such as Vice President of the South Oak Cliff Alumni Bear Cave, District 3 Public Safety. Advisory Committee, and Chair of Parent Advocacy for The Black Academy of Arts and Letters.

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